Mountaintops to beaches: amazing Saudi spots to enjoy this summer

The terrain of Saudi Arabia is quite unique; from deserts, mountains and urban areas to shores by the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. Its diversity makes it an adventurer’s dream to explore, and not only for its geography but also its rich and notable history. Our list of some of the Kingdom’s most outstanding locations adds a few must-see options to your trip’s itinerary.



Named Saudi’s summer capital, this city of roses is beloved for its cool weather and mountainous natural beauty. Take the Kingdom’s longest cable car ride up to Al Hada Mountain and enjoy observing the serpentine roads and greenery below on the way down to spend time at the Hijazi style Al Kar Tourist Village and water park in the valley. Al Shafa Mountain about 20km (12.4 miles) out of the city is the highest peak around the area, and along with Saiysad National Park is a great spot for hiking and photography. Shubra Palace used to be royal residence of King Abdulaziz and is today a heritage museum displaying thousands of historical pieces. Of course, a must-see in Taif is the fragrant rose fields! Visitors can book tours at hundreds of rose farms in the city. And for a unique experience, a drive of about 250km (155 miles) from Taif will take you to Al Wahbah Crater, a volcanic basalt crater. Hiking to the top is no small feat but the breathtaking view from above is so worth it!



A coastal retreat in Tabuk with some of the Kingdom’s most beautiful beaches, a must in the hot months! Commonly referred to as the Maldives of Saudi Arabia, its white sandy beaches and clear blue water bustling with diverse marine life is sure to be awe-inspiring. Astonishingly Umluj is also home to many volcanoes and basaltic lava fields; as only 2 hours out of the city, the tallest volcano in the Kingdom, Jabal Abyad (White Mountain) can be found. While at Umluj it’s a great idea to tour around Tabuk and see some of the archaeological sites located in the region; such as the alluring Tabuk Castle. 3An all-around nature lover’s haven, travelers to Umluj won’t be able to get enough in one visit!



One of the Kingdom’s most pleasant climate cities in the summertime, it offers incredible nature views from mountains to lush green forests. In Aseer National Park is Saudi’s highest peak Al Soudah Mountain in the village of the same name, its Juniper tree dotted curves and cool breeze make it a great spot to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including hiking. Abha is also incredible for history lovers as home to villages hundreds of years old with fascinating history such as the Hanging Village of Al Habala which used to only be accessible by rope ladder and is now reachable via cable car. Don’t miss out on experiencing the region’s rich heritage at the annual Flowerman Festival.


A summer spent basking in nature and sunlight, visitors to the Kingdom are sure to leave refreshed and recharged! This year, explore the coolest and most delightful summer spots with Sana Tourism, your ultimate guide in touring Saudi Arabia. Hit us up to start planning.

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