AlUla: An unforgettable sightseeing experience

In the desert valley to the northwest of The Kingdom near Medina, lies a spectacular oasis known as AlUla. Founded in the 6th century BCE, this ancient walled city is bursting with rich history, archaeology and culture. AlUla contains Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, known as ‘Hegra’ or ‘Madain Salih’ located north of the city. Along with its fertile soil and plentiful water, what drives its magic is the numerous awe-inspiring sites every visitor needs to experience on their trip to Al Ula. Some of these are:


  • Hegra: Of course, this World Heritage site is first on the list! Let your eyes absorb the beauty of the carved façade that stood over the sand dunes for millenniums, then grab a seat on one of the hot air balloons floating above the ancient tombs to take in the full view during the winter Tantora Festival; an annual event that merges music, art and theatre in a fantastic cultural explosion.
  • AlUla’s natural wonders: AlUla is packed with notable geological formations brought into existence over millions of years, such as: Jabal Al Fil also known as ‘Elephant Rock’ which rises to a height of 171 feet above ground; Raqasat ‘Dancing Rocks’ a trio of spiraling rocks sculpted by the windblown sand; Harrat Uwayrid, igneous basalt columns formed over a long period by the (at the time) active volcano; AlUla’s oasis - found at the heart of the city nestled within Wadi Al Qura or ‘Valley of Villages’ - a lush green sanctuary flourishing due to its natural springs, is famous for its date palms and fragrant citrus trees as well as its plentiful harvests of olives, oats, barley, figs and wheat.
  • Old town of AlUla: Also known as ‘Deira’, it once held around 900 houses, 5 town squares and 400 shops; and a lot of these original mudbrick and stone structures are still standing today. Visitors will likewise be amazed to learn that this place had still been inhabited within recent memory, and will get a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of its rich history and collect stories on life in the old town.
  • Lion Tombs of Dadan: Dadan is an ancient oasis near AlUla city, thrived since the 6th century as a kingdom, until the 2nd century BCE. Some ruins of this ancient city have been excavated including the necropolis of the Lion Tombs carved into a side of Jabal Dadan facing the east of the city. The tombs are made up of square holes going two meters deep, one of which is believed to belong to an elite member of the Minaic community who lived in a small colony in Dadan and originated from Ma'in in today’s Yemen.


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