Aseer’s Scenic Mountains And Rich Heritage Make It The PERFECT Holiday Spot

The region of Asir, located at the southern end of the Red Sea Coast in Saudi Arabia is located at the souuthern end of the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia and is a place full of rich heritage, nature, and so much to explore.

Abha, the captial of Asir, is at the heart of it all and the ideal location to make the holiday base
Here is the rundown on all the must-see spots in Asir:

1. Abu Khayal Park
Saudi Arabia has a lot of mountains and valleys and some of the most scenic ones are in Asir.
The Abu Khayal Park is a must-see and is situated on a hill surrounded by green mountains and stunning views. Plus, expect a good amount of restaurants and hotels to make the stay very comfortable.

2. Cable cars across the park
Cable cars pass over the park and offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and also close access to a lot of villages and other sights worth seeing

3. Explore Fifa Mountains
This series of mountains is also a must-visit sight for tourists. The region gets a lot of rainfall so it si safe to assume the mountains are going to be a brilliant shade of green most of the year. The best part, however, is the scenic views you get to see from the top.

3. Soudah Mountain
Asir also is home to Saudi Arabia’s high peak – Soudah mountain stands at 3000 meters. And it is a must-visit for both, adventure seekers looking for new exciting hiking routes, and those who are just looking to get away from it all and enjoy the views of the Asir National Park.

4. Rijal Almaa
There is also so much rich heritage to explore in Asir – including the incredible historic village of Rijal Almaa.
Just west of Soudah, the village is is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and consists of about 60 colorful palaces built from natural stone, clay, and wood. One of them has also been turned to a museum!

5. Visit Al Maqar Museum
This privately-owned museum is open to the public and is home to artefacts dating back 200 years. It is, both, an architectural marvel and a dive into history. It also gets covered in fog a lot, which makes it look like it is floating on clouds!

6. Fatima Faye Al-Almaai’s museum
Fatima Faye Al-Almaai, a famous local artist, is also working on archiving and showcasing the region’s folk art. The traditional art that is not taught in any specialized institutions but only passed down through generations is featured on fabrics and depicts ancient inscriptions. Her museum is an absolute must-visit!

7. Shop at the Tuesday markets!
Finally, don’t forget to visit the Tuesday markets (that actually take place all week long but are busiest on Tuesday) takes place near the Asir Tourism office and the Al Muftaha Art Village. Visit the market for regional fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, and everything else in between!

It really is the perfect holiday and there is something in Asir for everyone.

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