Best beachy destination for an unforgettable summer vacation in Saudi

With its desert environment Saudi is known for hot temperatures in the summer, yet the seaside climate of its east and west coast is always pleasant and refreshing. The Kingdom’s shorelines along the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf are hotspots in the spring and summer seasons for locals and tourists alike; resorts and sandy beaches offer the best of summertime getaways under a clear and sunny sky. With many locations to choose from, we’re listing a few of our favorites that are a must-see on your next warm months trip to the Kingdom’s coast.


First on our list is Jeddah also known as Bride of the Red Sea, and one of its top summer spots is OiA Beach. Drawing inspiration from Santorini Island in Greece, OiA is a resort boasting vibrant flower bushes, white villas, and serene sandy beaches. Providing a variety of fun-filled aquatic sports and activities as well as a gym, there is no shortage of things to do for active visitors. And those looking to enjoy a relaxing sunny day seaside will also love the beautiful and calm sea view. Don’t forget to grab a delicious bite at the resort’s main restaurant Pareya.


Half Moon Beach in Khobar is one of the best summer locations on the Eastern region of the Kingdom, named after a path around the shore taking the shape of a half moon. It is beloved for the relaxing atmosphere, camel rides, beach buggies and lovely huts by the shore. It’s also a great spot for families, offering an amusement park and a kids play area.


Farasan Al Kabeer Beach located in the Farasan archipelago just 40km away from Jazan is a one-of-a-kind location guaranteed to leave you breathless. Stunning turquoise seawater flowing over white sand surrounded by natural beauty in the form of Red Sea corals, mangrove forests, Al Qassar sandstone village; the area is also known for its biodiversity both underwater and on land, so visitors will get to enjoy snorkeling with vibrant aquatic creatures and hiking amid exotic wildlife.


In Jubail, Fanateer Beach is a great spot to chill out with friends and family, take a stroll on the long walkway, have a beachside picnic and relax on a boat ride exploring the surrounding area. It is also convenient for shopping enthusiasts as its located near a mall equipped with restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines.


Explore Saudi’s best summer destinations with Sana Tourism; whether you’re heading to the East or West coast of the Kingdom, beautiful sea views and relaxation await you. Contact us now through this link to start planning!

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