Celebrate winter in style at magical AlUla

With winter right around the corner, it’s once again time for the annual AlUla Moments! Garnering over 100k ticket sales during its last installation, it is set to go even bigger this time around. On the itinerary for 2022’s season are the same celebrations enjoyed by festivalgoers last year as well as exciting new additions, aiming to honor the city’s vibrant history.

Here’s a look at what to expect this year at AlUla:


AlUla is known for its rich harvest of dates, as it boasts 10,000 hectares of 2.3 million palm trees and an annual production of about 90,000 tons. Celebrated this year over four weekends, the festival brings together date farmers and buyers enjoying the palm groves of the city.


The first main entry on the season’s calendar and running during the weekend of the Saudi National Day, it is a festivity based on music, art and food in a fusion between eastern and western cultures. This year performances are staged at sunrise and sunset and present a variety of local and global artists such as DJ Snake, Damian Lazarus, Dish Dash, Disco Misr, Jason Derulo, Vinylmode, DJ Nomad Sound, Kayan, Biirdperson and Cosmicat.


What better place to be mindful and connect with nature than in the midst of an oasis bursting with historic beauty, hosted by the Five Senses Sanctuary; a bespoke spa, wellness and fitness resort. This festival is the perfect opportunity to enrich your mind, body and soul through yoga, meditation and more; under guidance from expert practitioners in this magical setting.


Debuting for the first time this year in AlUla season, this festival aims to bridge the past and present through experiences inspired by the thousands of years old history of the Arabian Peninsula, and the ancient incense trade route that solidified the city’s status as a hub of great significance. It also offers the chance to explore the oases of Khaybar and Tayma alongside AlUla; as well as hosting events celebrating the region’s heritage through art, music and more including Hegra After Dark, held at the main sites around AlUla.


Among the most awaited celebrations annually is the Winter at Tantora festival. A magnificent merging of events centered around fine dining, high fashion, immersive art installations, world-class music and theatre performances and more.


Don’t miss the exciting new 2022-2023 season of AlUla Moments, and grab the chance to enjoy the festivities while exploring around this stunning ancient city. First time at AlUla and don’t know where to start with preparations? No worries! Sana Tourism has every detail of your trip covered to ensure a smooth and fun experience. Contact us now to start planning.

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