Climate and season tourism in Saudi Arabia, it's not always hot!

Known for its warm climate and sunny, clear skies in the summer; Saudi offers beautiful sandy beaches and serene waterfronts. But outside its hot summers, the Kingdom thrives during spring, fall and winter when its climate reaches moderately pleasant temperatures perfect to spend some time outdoors and take in the breathtaking nature.


In the spring, Riyadh celebrates a floral-scented season with a high of 28°C and low of 15°C during its Riyadh Spring Festival; a huge ten-day festival usually held around the end of March every year and attracting over 150,000 people to the city to appreciate nature and the many fantastic flower breeds native to the region. Bring your friends and family to enjoy serene walks among the airy vibrance of the landscaped gardens! Visitors to Riyadh at this time of year can also enjoy marine and air entertainment at Land and Space Aviation (LSA) which offers the thrill of co-piloting a plane alongside a licensed trainer. And don’t miss a hiking and bike riding adventure on the picturesque Diplomatic Quarter trail, where you’re sure to snap many souvenir shots.


Tour the Red Sea in luxury during the fall on one of MSC Cruises’ ships heading off from Jeddah’s port and touring locally across Jeddah, Yanbu, King Abdallah Economic City, Al Wajh and Ras Al Abyad, a gorgeous port city renowned for its pure sandy shores, deliciously fresh seafood and scuba diving spots. It also takes passengers internationally to Jordan where they can explore the ancient archaeological sites of Petra, and Egypt where they’ll get to see Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, the royal tombs of the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings and more. The stay on board is both luxurious and entertaining “designed to enrich and delight”; hosting internationally renowned music and theatre performances, a large pool, a variety of restaurants to choose from, and boutiques for an onboard shopping experience.


As for the Winter, the northwestern region of the Kingdom is a must-see this time of year. In Tabuk with temperatures reaching below 0°C, the snow-capped mountaintops and chilly hiking trails provide a wintery aura rarely seen in Saudi. Get your heart racing with snow sledding and camel rides, then cool down by a campfire and observe the starry winter night sky.

AlUla is also a top destination for travelers seeking luxury and grand experiences with a historical flavor. Whether you’re attending the lively winter festivals or prefer to enjoy the outdoorsy ventures, it offers something for all tastes. Explore the local archaeological sites on hot air balloons, 4x4 rides and guided tours, spectate equestrian shows and tournaments, hike across the terrain, try ziplining, and enjoy a variety of musical and theatrical performances.


Great weather is key for a fulfilling trip; allowing you to explore all the sights while also uplifting your mood! Book your favorite season’s trip with the help of Sana Tourism, experts on all things tourism in the Kingdom, so you don’t miss all the hot spots available that time of year. Contact us now to start.

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