Contributing to the economy as a domestic tourist

During lockdown in 2020 and some of 2021 due to Covid-19, the tourism industry worldwide experienced travel restrictions in an effort to shrink case numbers and lower the risk of infection. This encouraged a surge in domestic tourism as the opportunity to explore and sightsee locally became more accessible to leisure travelers.


Some of the appeals of domestic tourism lies in its accessibility as a familiar environment with no language or cultural barriers; it’s also a chance to see newer sides and aspects of your country through its local treasures.


A study conducted by King Fahd University found that the majority of respondents preferred the kingdom as their travel destination due to familiarity, safety and trustworthiness. The Supreme Commission for Tourism and Antiquities is always putting in efforts to encourage local tourism. HVS, a global consulting firm specializing in hospitality stated that giga-projects introduced by Saudi such as the Red Sea, AlUla, Amaala, Diriyah Gate and others; are expected to generate a boom not only in international tourism to the kingdom but domestic as well. A lot of those projects have already been completed or have taken huge strides towards their finish line, and are already drawing thousands of visitors from around the world every year.


So, if you’re residing in the kingdom, expect an ever-increasing abundance of local tourism opportunities; whether you prefer to travel by air, land or sea. From camping trips with family and friends, culture and art museums, newly renovated and beautified parks, sandboarding and other activities in the desert, music and theatre shows, luxurious stays at historic AlUla, refreshing Red Sea cruises, floral-scented visits to Taif plus so much more; you’ll never be bored once you decide to set out on your local adventure.


For ideas on where to explore, check out our other blogs and find what matches your interest; or contact Sana Tourism now to get expert travel assistance from us. We’re always happy to serve you!

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