Experience a wonderfully unique winter in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom welcomes the winter season with overall moderate and pleasant weather, perfect to enjoy outdoor activities. Peak cold months in Saudi are December and January with temperatures averaging around 23°C (73°F) in Jeddah, 14°C (57°F) in Riyadh and 17°C (63°F) in Dammam. However, the Southern highlands of the country are draped in blankets of snow during the cold months, with temperatures going as low as -12°C (10°F) in Turaif, a town lying by the Saudi-Jordan border.


Whether you’re heading to Saudi in the winter for the cool and breezy climate or its snowy mountaintops, you’re sure to spend an unforgettable time enjoying the Kingdom’s diverse geography.


The coming of winter signals the start of AlUla Moments set in the natural elegance of the stunning northwestern city AlUla. The season brings a variety of festivals each celebrating an aspect of the city’s cultural and historical significance. Of the celebrations held is Saudi’s first music festival Winter at Tantora returning for its 4th edition starting December 22nd up to January 21st. Other festivities include the Richard Mille Desert Polo, the Kingdom’s first marquee fashion event at AlUla Catwalk, AlUla Arts festival and many more. For the full calendar of planned events, see the official site here.


Riyadh Season recently set off for its third year under the slogan ‘Beyond Imagination’, with Winter Wonderland, Boulevard Riyadh City and Suwaidi Park starting the celebrations on October 22nd. Many more exciting festivities are planned this season, stay up to date through the season’s official outlet.


Considered a hidden gem, the Eastern Province has much to offer lovers of exploration and adventure. Along Saudi’s coast on the Arabian Gulf by Jubail, flocks of birds including flamingoes can be seen congregating on the eastern shores in winter. Al Ahsa Oasis, one of the Kingdom’s entries on UNESCO’s list for World Heritage Sites, is also a must see when in the province. It extends to 85.4 square kilometers and dates back 6000 years. Its history and natural beauty are celebrated through the newly founded Al Ahsa Oasis Festival running from the 20th of November up to the 20th of December.


Experience the highest peak in the Kingdom in southwestern Asir, Jabal Sawda. Part of Asir mountain range and overlooking Saudi’s coast on the Red Sea, it rises to a height of around 3100 meters above sea level with Winter temperatures of around 7°C (45°F) and its surfaces covered in juniper trees are perfect for picnicking, hiking and admiring the stunning landscape.


Discover the modernistic King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) through its attractions including Bay La Sun Marina and Yacht Club where you can enjoy watersports such as snorkeling and diving as well as try fishing and book a relaxing canal tour. Another spot is Yam Beach boasting pristine shores and clear waters where you can engage in kayaking and paddle boarding. The city also offers beautiful golf courts, Red Sea cruises and motorsports such as go-karting at Juman Karting.


Winter in Saudi is always exciting no matter which corner of the Kingdom you drop! With Sana Tourism, your visit is guaranteed to be incredible every season of the year; we help setup your trip from A to Z so you don’t need to worry about the details. Contact us now for inquiries!

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