Explore the Hidden Gems of the Eastern Province

The Eastern Province of the kingdom is famous for its lesser-seen hidden gem attractions that make it perfect for visitors looking for a more unique tour experience. The region borders the entire east coast of Saudi and is rich in history being the ancient trade hub linking the Levant, India and Mesopotamia; and the varied geography across the province allows for a variety of different fun activities to be explored. Here are a few must-see destinations:


Al Khobar:

Taybeen Museum is a blast from the past, but not in the way you’d expect! Themed around pop culture and retro exhibits, this museum features over 10,000 vintage treasures from foods and drinks, old toys and video games, home appliances and more. Along with the museum it also includes an aviary/park; as right upon entry you’ll be greeted by a 30-minute walk among the joyful songs of a vibrant collection of birds.


Al Ahsa:

Saudi’s fifth UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Ahsa oasis is truly a spectacular sight. Nestled within 3 million palm trees are 60 to 70 natural springs, four of which are large springs – their waters’ high mineral concentration full of natural healing properties invites you to take a relaxing dip in the springs while enjoying the lush scenery.



Ever wanted to visit a space station? Step inside King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture also known as Ithra, located in Dhahran city just 15 minutes out of Dammam. This space station-like building is officially dubbed a cultural center but is so much more than that! Holding a cinema, numerous exhibition galleries, museums, library and archive, and a theatre that hosts world-class art performances; it offers engaging and thrilling experiences so you’ll never find a dull moment at Ithra.



Tarout Castle is an ancient stronghold located on Tarout Island off Qatif’s coast, dating back to around 5,000 BCE this castle has been witness to so much poignant history and is thought to be one of the oldest inhabited sites in the Arabian Peninsula. Take in the rich ancient history touring the remaining three towers of the castle and the old arabesque houses in the surrounding village many of which are still inhabited today.


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