From Paris to AlUla: The magic of Arabia, now more accessible than ever!

The leading Saudi airline Saudia has recently begun offering weekly direct route trips from Paris, France to the glamorous north-western Saudi city AlUla. The new service is on-going up to the 27th of March and is designed for tourism; with the goal of boosting international travel to the Kingdom and inspiring lovers of history and exploration to tour this ancient region.


Direct flights to ULH airport in AlUla are available throughout all Paris airports, making the trip more convenient and faster than ever for European visitors to the Kingdom. Travelers should note that while Paris to AlUla flights are direct, return flights out of AlUla require a transit stop in Riyadh and Jeddah. The flights will be aboard Boeing 787-9s Dreamliner planes holding 298 seats including 24 business class seats and 274 economy seats.


This update is prime opportunity for visitors to experience the last of the local winter festivities just before the start of spring! Around the region, this time of year is also known for moderately pleasant temperatures allowing a variety of outdoor ventures such as starry night-time camping, exploring the ancient archeological sites including World Heritage Site Hegra, ziplining or a refreshing open air yoga session, plus much more.


AlUla is a magnificently lux experience, so don’t miss the opportunity to see it in all its glory! Plan your trip now with Sana Tourism - a one-stop shop for all things tourism in the Kingdom, we help you set up an unforgettable trip from start to finish. Hit us up here for inquiries.

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