Fun in the sun: 4 Jeddah beaches to see this summer

Visiting Jeddah in the summer is a no brainer, the city known as the Bride of the Red Sea is always booming with visitors from around the globe but especially so in the hot months! With some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches and glistening clear water coupled with tranquil air and aesthetics, Jeddah brings the best of the world’s summer destinations to the Kingdom. Let’s go through some of the city’s seaside gems perfect for enjoying a nice day in the sun.


  • South Corniche Beach: When summer approaches most people flock over to the north of the city, leaving this spot in the south relatively vacant; the perfect opportunity to relax by the sea. The beach features an intricate geometric layout, serene water great for swimming or fishing, a soft breeze and even occasional flamingoes!


  • Boho Beach: Taking inspiration from Bohemian concepts and aesthetics, Boho Beach may be the most exclusive spot on the list. Offering world class facilities, beachside service and delicious food at their signature restaurant Kaktos. Visitors praise the beach for feeling like they were at a beach in Spain or the Maldives.



  • Durrat Al Arous: Jeddah’s oldest resort and one of its most beloved. Despite its large size and lux service, it maintains a cozy and family-oriented atmosphere. Featuring an equestrian centre, marina, health club, golf course, amusement park and a large variety of units – it offers fun for the whole family.


  • Bhadur Resort: A beach that’s all about kicking back and relaxing. The resort boasts a spa, private beach and large swimming pool, restaurants and cafés, a waterpark, and game rooms/arcade. The visitors’ favorite is the diving school, as it’s an incredible spot for diving among the colorful marine life and guests get professional diver training and certification.



Your perfect summer retreat awaits you in Jeddah, whether you’re a solo traveler, family or friend group looking to relax by the beach and catch some sun. Don’t worry about planning, your trip to the city is fully sorted out with Sana Tourism! Reach out now to start planning.

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