Hiking in Saudi, different Geographical elements to explore!

If you’re the outdoorsy type and love being in nature, Saudi Arabia is the perfect place to be. The diverse geography and terrain of the Kingdom avails an abundance of exploration and hiking trails suited to all tastes. Whether it’s mountains, valleys, lakes, desert dunes or volcanoes; sunny and warm, or even snowy climates, these locations are ripe with fun and active experiences. We divided our top hiking spots according to their distinct geographical features, to help you choose the locations most suited to you.


First, it’s important to pack a few essentials when prepping for a hiking trip, including: weather appropriate hiking attire including sturdy ankle support boots, water, food, first aid kit, a multi-tool, sunscreen, camera, hygiene products and navigation tools. Some trails may require more or less prep depending on the hike’s location and available facilities in the area.


Let’s start with mountainous trails:

This area attracts tourists all year round for its archaeological and historical landmarks such as the ancient fortress and pools surrounded by palm trees and rock formations.

The highest peak and the only trail in the kingdom that gets snowy; making this a unique trekking experience. Climb this mountain located near the Red Sea and stop to take in the stunning ancient petroglyphs on its formations.


Next up are valleys:

With its sandy and rocky terrain, this spot is perfect for an overnight stay to leisurely explore the hiking trails, enjoy the sunset, set up camp and stargaze at night.

Connect with nature surrounded by history and archaeological landmarks, this trail offers a peaceful sandy hike that allows hikers to appreciate the ancient beauty of AlUla.


Some of our favorite lake-side trails:

A natural reserve surrounded by colorful and serene beauty. This location is a perfect retreat to enjoy the fresh air away from the buzz of the city.

Hidden in the desert, this lake turns into a meadow full of vibrant flowers during certain times of the year. A fun hiking trip where you can also look for fossils, go fishing, or simply relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


Explore the deserts of the Kingdom:

Also known as Jebel Fihrayn, the 300-meters-high cliffs overlook an ancient caravan route. Due to popularity a path was paved in the area leading to a lush valley great for taking a relaxing break on your hike.

A lesser-known spot located 40km north of Khobar. If you love digging and uncovering hidden treasures in the sand this location is perfect for you. Around the area under the dunes are crystal formations dubbed desert roses, finding one to keep as a souvenir is always exciting!


Trek around volcanoes:

The most difficult trail on our list, best for those with hiking experience and knowledge of the area’s terrain. The striking views of basaltic fields and craters motivate visitors of this location to brave its rough layout.

A 4 km wide and 250-meter-deep volcanic crater, located a 2-hour drive north of Taif. At the heart of it lies a lake rich in shimmering white sodium phosphate that can be seen from above.


With so many options to choose from, planning your hiking trip in the Kingdom may seem overwhelming. That’s where Sana Tourism comes in to help, with our expertise in Saudi travel we work out all the details so your visit is the best it can be. Click here to reach us for any inquiries!

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