Must-visit Coastal Destinations in Saudi

There's something about the sun, sand, and surf that can instantly transport you to a state of pure relaxation. Whether it's the salty sea breeze or the sound of waves crashing, a beach vacation is always a good idea. With its many enticing beaches on the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf, Saudi offers a truly unique vacation experience that will satisfy any beach lover's craving for adventure. From year-round getaways like Umluj and Jeddah to winter hotspots like Yanbu and Jazan, there’re endless opportunities for exploration. Get ready to pack your bags and dive into the crystal-clear waters of Saudi's coastal paradises.



Located in southwest Saudi, it boasts stunning beaches and diverse marine life great for underwater exploration. Although the region's beauty can be appreciated throughout the year, the winter months from December to March offer more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity, making it an ideal time to visit the southern Arabian coast. If camping is not your preference, Jazan also offers several hotels and resorts such as the Novotel and Radisson Blu, both of which offer picturesque sea views.


Farasan Islands

Just 40 km off the coast of Jazan, is a group of over 170 coral islands in an archipelago covering 5408 sq. km. It is famous for its biodiversity, which includes the endangered Arabian gazelle and exotic birds like flamingos, osprey and sooty falcons. The islands also boast a diverse range of marine life with over 200 kinds of fish and 50 types of coral. Twice a day, a free ferry ride travels from Jazan Ports to the Farasan Islands, and guides are available to accompany visitors on their adventure.



A thrill-seeker's paradise, with endless activities available year-round thanks to the Red Sea's warm temperatures. For those who love diving or snorkeling and crave the excitement of a bustling city, Jeddah is the perfect home base. And for water sports enthusiasts looking to rent equipment, private beach clubs like OíA and Indigo offer all the gear you need for an epic aquatic adventure.


King Abdullah Economic City

Whether you're into water biking, kitesurfing, paddle boating or simply relaxing on a cabana atop Yam Beach's white sands, KAEC is a must-visit destination for beachfront sports lovers. Explore the natural pool surrounded by coral reefs on a kayak, or rent a boat or yacht from Bay La Sun Marina & Yacht Club to sail atop the clear waters. And don't forget to grab a delicious bite from one of the many food trucks parked along the beach! Just 90 minutes from Jeddah, KAEC is an easy day trip that will keep you entertained for days with endless fun.



The Pearl of the Red Sea and a scuba diver's paradise! Dive into the depths of its waters to uncover treasures like shipwrecks and fascinating sea creatures, including the occasional sighting of hammerhead sharks near the Seven Sisters reef. But Yanbu isn't just for divers. Take a stroll around the charming historical area near the harbor, where the city's spice trade roots can be traced back to 500 B.C. And what better way to top off a day of underwater adventure than by indulging in some delicious fresh seafood for dinner?



With its stunningly pristine coastline and charming old town full of Hijazi-style architecture, this fishing village offers the perfect blend of leisure and exploration. And if you're up for a day trip, the rock tombs of Hegra in AlUla are just a stone's throw away. From breathtaking beaches to ancient tombs, Wajh has it all. So, pack your bags and get ready for a sea retreat to remember.



This hidden gem of Saudi boasts some of the most picturesque beaches you'll ever lay eyes on. A cluster of over 100 small islands, each with white sands and crystal-clear waters that feel like swimming in an aquarium. With over 1,200 fish species calling these waters home, you might even spot a few hawksbill turtles, dugong sea cows and migratory birds like cranes and kingfishers. And if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the playful dolphins that make their appearance in the turquoise waters every summer.


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