Reach for the sky at the Kingdom’s highest peak in Aseer

In the summertime, the Kingdom’s southwestern province of Aseer is one of the most sought out spots by tourists for its pleasant weather which is due to high altitude; with its capital city Abha rising over 2300m above sea level. Dubbed a picturesque gem south of the Red Sea, it gets its name from the Aseer tribe and is famous for its mountains that make up Saudi’s highest peaks as well as its radiant green vistas extending as far as the eye can see. Explore the region’s scenic beauty through its nature, architecture and history using our guide to some of the best spots to see in Aseer.


The striking Sarawat mountains located just 20 km out of Abha are famous for the Juniper trees around the area and the signature woodsy aroma of Aseer’s coniferous forests. Of these mountains, Jabal Sawda is said to be the highest point in the whole Kingdom. It’s popular among hikers and adventure seekers who enjoy exploring nature in pleasantly cool weather that is unusual in the hot Saudi summer. The mountain can be reached via cable car from the nearby village of Al Soudah, and there are more cable cars around Aseer taking visitors to different points in the mountains.


The region is also vibrant in its heritage, home to villages whose history extends hundreds of years back. One such place is the over 370 years old Hanging Village of Al Habala; getting its name from the Arabic word for ‘rope’ as it was only accessible by rope ladders until the 1990s when cable car transportation was developed to encourage sightseeing and increase accessibility to the stunning site. The village’s inhabitants were of the Khatani tribe and were referred to locally as ‘the flower men’ for their tradition of wearing flowers and dried plants as wreaths around their heads. Another site is Rijal Almaa village; magical in its architecture and landscape that date back over 900 years, it’s also home to Saudi Arabia’s oldest museum constructed by the locals and holding thousands of historic treasures today.


North of Sarawat mountains is Jabal Shada protected area in Al Baha, it is a prehistoric natural reserve under Saudi Wildlife Authority management. The area is famous for its biodiversity as well as its wide granite caves created by geological erosion over long periods of time which were later used by humans as dwellings. Thus, they showcase signs of early civilization that are over 3000 years old on the cave walls. The massif stands at an altitude of about 2200m above sea level and its diverse flora and fauna, history and smooth rock formations give the area a lot of photogenic beauty for visitors to take in.


The Aseer region is rich in natural charm, folk art, old history and vibrant heritage; all available for you to explore during your visit. Your trips in Saudi are always unforgettable with Sana Tourism, proudly serving as your one-stop-shop for all things tourism in the Kingdom! Get in touch with us now to plan the best Aseer stay.

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