Sana Tourism Launches A New Recruitment Campaign Targeting Local Talents All Around Saudi Arabia

Sana Tourism Company is searching for all kind of talents all around Saudi Arabia to take part in sustainable tourism in the country and help enrich the tourists’ experience in every city

KHOBAR CITY, Eastern Province, Apr 19, 2022: in search of great talents whether it’s music, great vocals or even amazing cooking skills; Sana is aspiring to collect and take in any kind of local talents and welcome it into their team to help them tailor the best tourism experience for domestic and international tourists around Saudi Arabia; and not to mention the huge role it will play in supporting sustainable tourism in Saudi Arabia and how it will help the youth in taking advantage of their free time to use those talents as part-timers during Saudi Arabia’s tourism peak seasons.

Vacancies are available with a wide range of requirements and all talents are accepted and welcomed no matter where they are located.

Sana tourism is targeting the following:

  • Seasonal job seekers, who struggle to get the best out of their free time whether it’s during their yearly or school vacation
  • Talents who are willing to take their skills as a profession 
  • Ambitious Saudi youth that are searching for a great opportunity to help enrich their skills


To develop the tourist’s experience, we’re always willing to take it to the next level. With this recruitment campaign, we will be providing over 300 seasonal job vacancies for each peak season around Saudi.

To help you get onboard:

  • Visit our website to fill in the applicant form here and become a member of our family
  • Contact us on any of our contact information for additional details and or questions

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