The best of winter time exploration at Khobar, Jazan and AlUla

Al Khobar:

40 kilometers west of the city beneath the sand dunes, lie clusters of naturally rose-shaped crystal treasures adequately dubbed “desert roses”. Formed by sand minerals welding together over a period of time in a hot and dry climate, they can be found in hues of red to brown. A 4x4 car ride should get you where you can get started Desert Rose Hunting. Many locals and tourists trek up to this location to dig and try to find their own desert roses as a natural souvenir. This is also a perfect opportunity for a picnic and having a delicious BBQ meal with your companions as you watch the gorgeous sunset over the dunes.



This port city, known for its agriculture and oil refinery as well as its production of top-quality tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas and figs; is also home to Farasan Islands. Located a one-hour boat ride off Jazan’s shore, the islands are a slice of the Maldives right here in Saudi! Its beauty carries above water with its serene white sands and forests home to a diverse collection of animals – and underwater, where you’ll find stunning coral reefs surrounded by vibrant marine life. Stop by Jazan port to browse the shops; book a guide, a boat, diving equipment and prepare to explore this fabulous island paradise.



The 21st of December will mark the start of the 3rd annual festival season at AlUla city; where 4 festivals will be held under the headline ‘AlUla Moments’. They include the already popular Winter at Tantora festival, as well as AlUla skies, AlUla arts and AlUla wellness. Each of the festivals will revolve around its own theme and entail specialized events and activities from arts and cultural events to sports, astronomy, culinary experiences and more. With plenty to look forward to and its experiences constantly being reimagined and polished, AlUla should always hold a spot on your travel itinerary!


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