The Perfect City By The Sea To Spend This Summer In Is Yanbu

Summer is in full swing and the best way to cope with it is to head to a coastal city and cool down at the beach. Correct?!

And a coastal city that needs your attention and should be on all Saudi travel bucket lists is Yanbu
The city has a great beach, excellent diving spots, great shopping spots, and a rich heritage due to its position as part of a wider spice route.

In Sana Tourism, we can plan out the perfect trip to this dreamy city with sandy beaches, manicured lawns, and coral-rich waters.

The city has a lot of 5-star resorts!
And even though Yanbu’s bay area is, at its core, a diver’s delight, there is so much more to it. It is also an excellent spot to either spend some time enjoying the sea breezes with a lemonade by the coast, or rent a yacht, or get pampered at one of the many luxury resorts in the city.

Seafood lovers will LOVE the fresh seafood
And be it at a high-end, luxurious restaurant or at a more hole-in-the-hole local restaurant, the city’s seafood is a must-try. Fresh fish, delicious prawns, lobsters – the city is a heaven for seafood lovers. Also, not too far from the harbor are the city’s historical areas
These include the former residence of Lawrence of Arabia (that has been restored to its original version). He is said to have lived there between 1915 and 1916.

That’s not all – the city’s charms also include traditional markets such the Souq Al Lail (the night market) and plenty of modern day shopping malls. And wherever you are, don’t forget to explore Yanbu’s beautiful musical heritage though!

Local songs and dances incorporate traditional instruments called Al-Simsimiyyah (Arabian plucked lyre) and have grown in popularity in many coastal cities and towns in the region.

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