Tourism in Saudi: Experience a unique Saudi winter season

Based on data provided by World Bank, tourism in Saudi has steadily been rising to new highs every year. And as the cold season in the kingdom is unlike other corners of the world - since here the winter climate is pleasant and moderate in most areas, the winter time is popular among visitors setting out on planning their trip. In this article we’ll share some of the best activities to try out while visiting the moderately wintery areas or more snowy locations:


Hiking: Take a chilly climb on Jabal Al Lawz or “Almond Mountain”, the tallest mountain in Tabuk standing at 2459 meters and is capped with snow almost every year in the winter. With the brisk breeze and snowy landscape, the sky still clear and the sun shiny, this location makes for a perfectly serene and therapeutic hiking trip.


Stargazing: Warm up by a campfire with a cup of hot cocoa while on a camping trip in the desert and enjoy the sight of the glittering stars. Seek out constellations such as the popular Orion’s Belt, as well as others that can only be seen in Saudi this time of the year like the Winter Hexagon.


Winter at Tantora Festival: Starting this year on the 21st of December to the 12th of February, 2022 - Tantora Festival is an arts and culture event held annually in AlUla. It features mesmerizing theatrical performances in AlUla’s old town, hot air balloon rides, horse racing, and live concerts by top international musicians such as Andrea Bocceli. AlUla’s striking setting and the wintery ambience make this an unforgettable festival experience.


Forest exploration: Al Baha lies to the southwest of the kingdom, is home to 40 forests and is a tourism hotspot due to its moderate weather. According to a case study conducted by King Saud University, about 77% of they city’s locals depend on its forests for recreational activities. That’s no surprise considering the enjoyment you’ll find here: you can go ziplining in Raghadan Forest Park, stroll to Khairah Forest to take in the lush greenery of the landscape and enjoy the beauty of the Khairah waterfall. Tip: pack warm clothes if you’re going for a camping trip and of course a camera to capture the beautiful scenery you’ll meet every step of the way.


Regardless of destination, your winter trip itinerary is always in safe hands with Sana Tourism; with numerous partners across the kingdom and travel experts, we design a unique experience just for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any inquires!

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