Discover Umluj, Saudi Arabia’s Maldives-like gem on the Red Sea

A small town on the northwestern part of the Kingdom lying right on the coast of the Red Sea, just 150km from Yanbu. Described as the Maldives of Saudi Arabia, Umluj is a summer paradise with sparkling clear water, soft sandy beaches and brilliant marine life. It is in development to become a top resort destination as part of the Red Sea mega-project managed by The Red Sea Development Company under the Saudi Vision 2030 program which aims to evolve the Kingdom through set objectives which include its tourism sector.


The turquoise water is one of the biggest draws for visitors of Umluj, as the Red Sea water has almost no links to rivers or lakes that could lead to the spread of dirt and sediment from rainfall thus keeping it pristine. On the beach, the soft sand has been described as fluffy like the texture of cotton candy and the tall palm trees offer plenty of shade to lay under and enjoy the calm surroundings. There are over a 100 small islands off the coast with the most popular beaches in town being Duqm beach and Ras Al Shabaan.


The area is known for its diverse and vivid marine creatures; so, rent a boat and sail out to the island by Jabal Hassan where you can go snorkeling and see the distinct fringing coral reefs of the high branched species and scientific research has discovered over 300 reef types around the area which is 4x more diverse than those in Caribbean Islands. Among the corals swim over 1200 fish species, a lot of which are exclusive to this specific spot on the planet. Divers get the chance to see any of the 5 Red Sea turtle species along with dolphins and even dugongs which are relatives of the manatees. The area also witnesses a variety of migratory birds passing by annually.


The weather around Umluj is known for being pleasant in the day and cooling down significantly in the nighttime, so it’s always a good time to visit. Alongside the stunning beaches are a variety of restaurants serving everything from delicious seafood to kebab and local dishes.


If our article got you excited to see Umluj firsthand, don’t miss the chance to explore this one-of-a-kind spot this summer. With Sana Tourism, your trip in Saudi is always in capable hands, all you have to do is enjoy! Get in touch now to inquire.

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