Where to go for a lovely school vacation trip in Abha, Jeddah and the Eastern Province

In the summer, the perfect opportunity for a trip with the kids while on school vacation arises and there’s no shortage of spots best suited for families in the Kingdom. Before starting prep and setting off, we’ve collected a few must-see locations to help you navigate the best attractions offering fun for the whole family.


Starting off with the city dubbed Saudi’s summer capital, Abha! This city in Asir region attracts global visitors in the summertime as its known for its pleasant breezy weather during the Kingdom’s usually hot months. Hundreds of years old villages can be found around Abha, with one of the most impressive being Al Habala village, once reachable by only rope and known for its beautiful history with its inhabitants known as “the flower men”. For a relaxing getaway in nature, head to the highest peak in Saudi at Jabal Soudah; reaching the top is done through a cable car ride of around 20 mins. The area is covered in lush greenery surrounded by cooling clouds and is perfect for leisurely exploration. By the Al Sadd Lake, New Abha Resort can be found; which offers everything from stunning views of the surrounding landscape as well as a luxury hotel, restaurants, amusement park and a cable car ride to the nearby Green Mountain.


Jeddah is undoubtedly one of the top summer destinations in the Kingdom; with numerous picturesque beaches and cultural attractions, a weekend wouldn’t be enough to explore the Bride of the Red Sea. The western coast boasts all kinds of fun water activities for the family: water slides, climbing poles, waterfalls, wave pools, and a variety of other rides found at Water Village. Local amusement parks such as Atallah Happy Land and Al Shallal Park, offer fun in horse rides, ice skating, rollercoaster rides, climbing walls, arcades and bowling alleys. Try a thrilling escape room experience of your choice at Mazebox and give piloting a go at Western Sky Aviation where you’ll get to fly a plane alongside a professional trainer.




A region rich in meaningful history, natural beauty and culture, the Eastern Province is also home to the country’s first oil wells ever found. It offers plenty to enjoy for visitors of all ages; starting with Ithra in Dhahran, an outstanding cultural center made up of 80,000m2 with a variety of curated galleries, theater, large library, cinema, children’s museum and more. It’s a must to visit Half Moon Beach when in Khobar, a beautiful crescent-shaped beach on the coast of the Arabian Gulf with sandy white shores and facilities such as kids’ play area; the educational Scitech and nostalgic Taybeen Museum are also great spots to put on your itinerary. In Medina, the red double decker City Sightseeing bus is the perfect opportunity to see some of the best local sights with a station at every stop where you can walk around then wait for the next bus. Don’t miss the chance to explore the shady palm trees of the world’s largest oasis in Al Ahsa, holding the title of Saudi’s 5th UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a natural sanctuary with rich ancient history that is sure to capture visitors’ attention.


Why spend school vacation at home when the Kingdom holds so much to tour? Sana Tourism can set up your trip inside Saudi from A to Z, no matter where you are, so you can focus on enjoying your summer off! Contact us to inquire.

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