Why incentive trips are the perfect way to reward employees

Proudly serving as the one-stop-shop for everything tourism in the Kingdom, Sana Tourism not only works to craft unique and unforgettable travel experiences for individuals, families and groups; it is also versed in travel catered towards companies, employees and government entities.


There are many benefits to organizing a trip for employees annually or on certain celebratory occasions that work to benefit employees as well as employers. Examples of these benefits are as follows:


  • Improve morale: Low spirits in the workplace can affect work ethic and dedication negatively and create a monotonous routine, organizing company trips can give workers a much-needed break while also encouraging a positive outlook towards the company, thus boosting morale.


  • Employee bonding: Trips work to promote bond strengthening between department peers and present opportunities to grow friendships and create good memories, which result in higher productivity, cooperation and creativity in their work and enhances team efforts.


  • Maintain loyalty: A great percentage of a company’s revenue is made up of its workforce and a company working to ensure its employees’ happiness crafts a healthy work environment guaranteeing worker loyalty.


  • Cost effectivity: According to statistics, 46% of businesses in the US make use of incentive trips for employees; spending as much as $22.5 billion per year altogether. This is due to it being a cost-effective, tried and true way of rewarding employees.


Thinking of organizing a company trip and unsure where to start? At Sana Tourism, we guarantee a travel experience that checks all the items on your list! Our business tourism packages are expertly crafted to ensure set goals for your trip are always met. Contact us now with any questions regarding business travel through this link or reach out to us here for general inquiries.

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