Your perfect summer getaway at Saudi’s City of Roses

Long beloved for its history and natural splendor, Taif is also a top destination for summertime visitors due to its cool weather that has earned it the title of the Kingdom’s summer capital. Despite it being one of Saudi’s largest cities, it retains a cozy air that is both welcoming and inspiring.


Taif is famous for its signature rose known as Taif rose and is related to the Damask rose, it features 30 pink petals and thrives in the area due to the pleasant highland climate and abundant groundwater. These rose bushes bloom across the landscape primarily in the Spring to cover distances thousands of meters long. With over 900 rose farms across the city, the refreshing floral fragrance of millions of roses fills Taif’s air every year. Their harvested essence is used in the making of luxury perfumes and essential oils. Visitors can get guided tours during the annual Taif Rose Festival in the city’s rose fields and stop by the local markets to buy a variety of goods made using Taif rose oil.


Hop on Saudi’s longest cable car ride going a distance of 4.2 km (2.6 miles) up to Al Hada Mountain standing at an elevation of around 2000m (6561 feet) above sea level. The ride goes between the mountaintop and Al Kar Tourist Village and water park down in the valley; the picturesque road on the side of the mountain is also great for road trips with playful baboons greeting travelers along the way.


20km (12.4 miles) out of the city lies Al Shafa Mountain, also known as Jabal Dakkā, is the highest mountain in the Taif region. Fragrant bushes and trees dotting the mountain’s surface and water flowing through waterfalls are some of the breathtaking features awaiting you. The spot is great for hiking and visitors can relax at Dakkā Mountain Park at the top.


Take in the noble architecture and stunning Arabian design of Shubra Palace. Built in 1905, it was once a royal residence inhabited by King Abdulaziz where it witnessed the birth of two of his sons, Prince Nawaf and Prince Talal. In 1995 it was converted to become a renowned heritage museum, and now features designated sections for artifacts, folk art, a restoration lab, a photography lab, and a library holding thousands of books.


Taif is one of Saudi’s most incredible cities offering beauty to suit all tastes, from nature and heritage to fun and relaxation. Explore the best of the region this summer with Sana Tourism, the only guide you’ll need while touring the Kingdom. Contact us now to set up your trip!

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