Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

As of January 9, 2020

These terms and conditions ("Terms") clarify the legal relationships between you, as a user of this website, and us, Sana Tourism, a company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the Commercial Registry No. 2051227033; Address: Khobar City, Highness Al Khobar Tower, 4th Floor, Prince Turki Street, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in connection with the use of our website www.sana-tourism.com (the “Website”).

By entering or using this website, you acknowledge that you understand the terms and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to the terms, please do not access or use the website. We do not provide our services to children and you must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old to use and access the website.

Please read the following information carefully to understand our terms and policies regarding your use of the functions and services available on the website.

The Website is an e-commerce that provides tourism and travel services including transportation, tour guide, tickets, photographer, meals and other related services that we or our business partners may offer (“Services”). More details about the services are available on the website.

There may be a change to the terms at any time. We will notify you in advance of changes to the terms using the available means of communication such as e-mail, notifications or the like.

Privacy policy
You can access our privacy policy on a separate page. This privacy policy explains how we collect and process personal data that directly or indirectly identifies you. You should be aware that by your use of the website, you acknowledge that this data will be processed in accordance with the privacy policy.

Prices and payments
Services prices are quoted in Saudi riyals or US dollars. We may, at our discretion, accept other currencies or limit the use of pre-existing currencies. You can purchase services using your bank transfer or credit card through payment service providers. A list of available payment methods is available on the website. Payment for services must be made within 24 (twenty-four) hours after you receive an invoice. After completing the purchase, you will receive a confirmation and details of your order.

Cancellation of services
You can cancel your reservation for services (your trip, tour program, etc.) no later than 72 (seventy-two) hours before the day you obtain, enjoy or use the services, by contacting us via the e-mail mentioned in the contact information and attaching the service bill And proof of payment for services. Otherwise, you may not be able to get a refund for paid services. Excludes third-party service fees (bank processing fees, service fees, etc.) from the refund amount.

Prohibited use of the website
When using or accessing the website, you may not: Use the website or services for any unlawful, illegal, immoral or inappropriate purposes; Misuse or use of the website and services in violation of their instructions or recommendations; Engage in any activity that would harm us, or might harm us, exploit us, harm and exploit any user or damage the website; Sending spam, including unwanted messages; Engage in any fraudulent, defamatory, or deceptive activity; Committing or assisting in any activity that would harm you, the website, the services, or others; Reverse engineering the website, scraping web data from the website, penetrating or interfering with the website or services; Use the website in a way that could disrupt or damage the website or our reputation; Violating anyone's rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights; Committing or assisting in any activity that violates data protection or privacy rights; Assisting anyone in violating any of the conditions.

Third-party services
The website may contain links to other websites, applications and platforms (hereinafter referred to as "linked sites").

We do not operate the linked websites and are not responsible for their content or any of their materials. We provide you with links to maintain the functionality and services of the website. You may also find the terms and conditions of the linked sites on their websites.

Intellectual property and content issues
We grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive and revocable license to access and use the Website from one device in accordance with the Terms.

All content on the website that includes text, code, graphics, logos, photographs, compilation or software, and used on the website (hereinafter referred to as "the content") is our property or the property of our contractors and is protected by intellectual property laws. You agree to use all copyright and other proprietary notices or restrictions contained in the content, and you are prohibited from changing the content unless permitted by us.

You may not post, transmit, modify, reverse engineer or program or participate in transferring, creating and selling derivative works or using any of the contents in any case. Your use of the website does not authorize you to use the content in a prohibited or illegal manner. In particular, you may not change the ownership rights or notices in the content. You should only use the content for your personal, non-commercial use unless permitted by us. We do not grant you any licenses to our intellectual property unless otherwise stated in the terms or individual agreement.

Our materials
By uploading, entering, presenting, or publishing any information, you grant us the right to use this information in connection with our business, including, but not limited to, the right to transmit, display, distribute, perform, copy, reproduce or translate the information; And publish your name in relation to it. This information is an integral part of the content.

No compensation will be paid in connection with the use of your content. We are not obligated to publish or use any information or idea that you may send to us, and we may remove your content at any time.

By uploading, entering, submitting or posting any information, you acknowledge and undertake that you own all rights to this content.

Disclaimer for certain obligations and restrictions
The information provided on the website may contain typographical errors or minor inaccuracies. We are not responsible for these errors. Occasionally, we will refer you to third-party websites that may contain typos or minor errors. We will not be responsible for these minor typos or errors.

We do not make any representations about the availability, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or durability of the content contained and services available on the website. To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, all content and services are provided on an "as is" basis without any express or implied warranty or condition of any kind. We disclaim all warranties and conditions related to this content and services, including warranties and provisions relating to marketing, fitness for a particular purpose.

To the fullest extent acceptable by law, we are not liable to you, under these terms, for any loss of profits, business, contracts, anticipated savings, wasted expenditures, goodwill, revenues, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whether arising out of or Has anything to do with any contract or violation.

Our total obligations under these terms are limited to a price equal to the amount paid to us by you.

We are not liable to you for any loss or damage arising as a result of preventing us from fulfilling our obligations under these terms due to circumstances beyond our control.

You agree to indemnify us, defend us and our officials, directors, employees, agents, independent assistants or experts, and third parties, for any costs, losses, or expenses (including attorneys' fees) or liabilities related to or arising from your use of the website or inability to use The website, the content, and our services, or your violation of the terms or your violation of any rights of third parties, or your violation of applicable law. We have the right to assume the exclusive defense and you must cooperate with us in confirming any available defenses.

Termination and Access Restrictions
We may terminate your access to the website and the services or any part thereof at any time, without prior notice, in the event that you violate the terms or commit erratic behavior.

We may suspend or terminate the website or services. We will notify you within a reasonable period of time prior to suspension or termination unless we urgently need to stop or terminate the website or services to protect our commercial interests.

The terms and all contracts entered into are governed by the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, regardless of the laws that may be applicable under the principles of conflict of laws. You and we agree to submit any dispute or dispute to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless the applicable law provides otherwise, especially the Consumer Protection Law when applicable.

It is not permitted to include any relationship of a joint stock company, partner, employment or agency between us and you as a result of the conditions or the use of the website.

Nothing in these terms diminishes our right to comply with the requests or requirements of government, court, police, or law enforcement in relation to your use of the website or services.

Since the terms of the conditions are prepared for the global market, some terms of the terms may be determined as canceled or unenforceable according to the applicable law, so the canceled or unenforceable clauses will be replaced by valid and enforceable terms that will be similar to the original version of the terms. Other parts and paragraphs of the Terms will also apply to us and you.

The "Terms" constitute the entire agreement between us and you regarding the use of the website, as the "terms" supersede all previous communications and offers between us and you, whether electronic, verbal or written.

We and our affiliates will not be held responsible for any failure or delay in fulfilling our obligations when the failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond our control, including technical breakdowns, natural disasters, restrictions, embargoes, riots, regulations and legislation, or orders from the government, terrorist acts, war or any force. Others out of our control.

We are obligated to resolve any complaints related to the terms. If you wish to lodge a complaint about the terms, or our practices regarding your personal data, please contact us.

We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible, within 30 days in any case, in accordance with applicable law, and we may extend the period in some exceptional cases.

We hope that any complaint raised to us will be resolved, however, if you feel that your complaint has not been resolved fairly, then you can contact the local authority.

Copyright policy
If you are the copyright owner, or its agent, and believe that any of the copyrighted material available directly via the Website and Services infringes your copyrighted work, please notify us. You can send a notice of copyright infringement to the following address:

Sana Tourism Company (Commercial Registration No. 2051227033)

Address: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Khobar City, Sumou Al Khobar Tower, 4th floor, Prince Turkey Street

Email: info@sana-tourism.com