The Heritage Guardian 


In every part of the world, you can find people who have devoted their life for a passion or calling. Due to their strong beliefs in their passions. Like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and many others, Fayez Al Shehri, known as Dahdooh, devoted his life for one such passion; to revive the Aseer region’s culture and the Saudi tribal traditions. 

In the south of Saudi Arabia, surrounded by the lush green Sarawat mountains, a town known as Tanomah is the home of Mr. Fayez Alshehri, The Heritage Guardian. For 45 years, Dahdooh has been collecting Arab antiques and relics, sharing his knowledge of the older Aseer traditions to visitors in an effort to save them from extinction. Dahdooh house is open all day long for visitors. And, everybody is welcome. It’s a place where people can learn about Aseer’s culture and tradition, where people chat with Mr. Fayez himself and listen to his amusing stories.

When visiting Dahdooh, you will immerse yourself in the Aseeri traditions. Dahdooh will be following one of the oldest Aseeri traditions; honoring the guest. And, you will witness his unique way of preparing Arabic coffee. First, he grinds the coffee beans using an old copper grinding tool called Nejer, it makes an exquisite harmonious sound, much like a bell. Secondly, following the customs in Tanoumah of making the guest feel at home, he will ask you to help in grinding the coffee beans. Lastly, he will hand you a basket of coffee spices for you to choose from and add to your coffee. 

Other than maintaining the old customs that reflect traditional values of respect and generosity, Dahdooh’s house is created with traditional designs and interiors; with old relics and a colorful old-fashioned pattern known as the Asiri Qatt. Dahdooh shows you the true Aseeri culture.  

If you ever find yourself in Tanoumah, visit Dahdooh to look at his antiques and learn more about the true Aseeri traditions and culture. He is a true Heritage Guardian.